Sunday, January 27, 2008

Interesting Article, Bad Title

LiveScience had an article about a recent discovery in genetics made by some researchers in Maryland. They found out that DNA sequences that are the same are more likely to cluster together than those that are different.

Curiously, DNA with identical sequences of bases were roughly twice as likely to gather together as DNA molecules with different sequences.


The electrically charged chains of sugars and phosphates of double helixes of DNA cause the molecules to repel each other. However, identical DNA double helixes have matching curves, meaning they repel each other the least, Leikin explained.
It's an interesting discovery, although it remains to be seen how useful it's going to be. But that's not the reason I'm mentioning it here. What made me laugh was the title they gave the article:
DNA Molecules Display Telepathy-like Quality.

How long until the first New Age healer picks up on this and claims he can heal your DNA by telepathy?

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Maria Papacharalampous said...

gaussian probabilistic noise bell curve of molecules,

that is the correct title
and remember, pure noise speading
cannot be described only with the bell, but also with some percentage of notch filters, very thin band bells, so the bell evolves to generate a future bell